Keno live game, its nature and strategies that will help to win

Keno live is exactly the same game as the original keno but with a live dealer. Keno live game uses latest technologies that allow to project selected numbers into the software, which allows players to play online. Randomly selected numbers can be selected by using various ways and once it is chosen, it is projected into the system to enable it to determine winners and what amount of money is won. Then payouts are made. General rules are the same but may differ slightly from one casino to the other as players will have to pick up any 10 numbers out of 80. In some casinos the amount of picked up numbers may be greater.

Live dealer keno game specialties

Keno live differs slightly if it is compared to the traditional game the same strategy to win can be used too. The main idea of the game is to allow players to get the experience and the atmosphere of the game that can be played at casino. Dealer is the real person and the draw is run live. Because of the fact that everything takes place live, surroundings can be different and usually it reminds players of real casino, granting them the great feeling of casino presence. Application of rules may differ slightly as some casinos may allow players to choose as many as 15 or 29 numbers out of 80. Here are the other specialties:

  • Different ticket combinations are offered;
  • The whole atmosphere of live keno is very similar to the real land based casino;
  • Special scripts are used that ensure that selected numbers are projected into the software;
  • In live keno live the draw is broadcasted directly on players interface;
  • Because selected numbers are projected into the software the payouts are instant on players account.

Live keno allows use of enormous amount of best betting options just like in real casino. Players may enjoy things like: split tickets, way tickets, 20 way tickets that are relatively new, playing progressive keno may be allowed and many other options can be enjoyed. The ordinary software does not offer so many choices and especially betting options. Again, it is important to point out that it all varies depended on a particular casino.

The best strategy to play live keno

Strategies can be used depended on specific rules of the game that is offered by a concrete casino. The application of rules is depended on the types of bets allowed and the numbers, which are allowed to be picked up by a player. The numbers that are chosen by the dealer are picked up randomly or accidently, so there is no specific sequence that allows to determine probability. It is all about risk and reward hence use the following advice:

  1. Odds are not affected by random numbers and may be repeated in the next turn;
  2. Use special applications to help players with strategies;
  3. Try to bet on different numbers all the times in the next turns;
  4. Use the strategy of betting on the same numbers in the next turns;
  5. Wait a few turns and write down the numbers, then try different combination.

Keno live game with a live dealer is a very interesting and challenging game. Varies strategies can be used and the rewards could be pretty high.

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